Wednesday, June 02, 2004


i am really bored so i decided to write in this thing. I hurt my leg today incase any of you morons were wondering. Yeah and my "best friend" who is fat and fucking ugly thinks theyre hotter than me. GOD FUCKING DAMIT....yourefucking not. Im fucking hot. yeah. shes such a penis potatoe, get it dictator? DICK-TATER ahhahahahahah god im in a fucking good mood. except that think about that person thinking theyre hotter. Theyre fucking not

Monday, May 31, 2004

Waffles... incase you were wondering

Wow. The whacked out right wing is so confident Bush is going to win (Diebold cheating already factored in), that they're wasting time making google bombs to make Kerry's site show up first for a search for waffles. Of course, idiots that they are, they missed waffle, waffler, and wafflest. How convenient to forget that Bush was against the Homeland Security department, then for it. He was against the 9/11 commission, then for it. He wasn't going to testify, then he was (without being under oath, while holding Dicky's hand). He wasn't gong to let Condoleeza testify, then he was. He was against "nation building" then for it big time. The list goes on and on. And yet, these morons continue to attack Kerry as a waffler, hoping their definition of this man who actually THINKS about both sides on an issue will take root. Obviously, they have nothing positive of their own to run on, So they trash Kerry and chant "four more wars...." Not to mention Cheney's waffling, like he had no interest in helping Halliburton, but there's new e-mail proving that he did. Time to throw these wafflers out on their greedy asses.

Oh people..!!

So im browsing away at the blogs, and i find this one its like im voting for bush and damn proud, so i leave some comment like "why?" and this dumbass is like, because im a republican, well you know what? why are you a republican you dont fucking know do you? I bet you dotn watch the political debates or anything that would involve you thinking you dumb hick. (By the way nothing against republicans, just dumbasses and communist.) So if any of you people who think you are cool because you freaking know who you are going to vote for just because theyre in your politcal party are reading this. Just get freaking cancer why dont you. I feel so much better. On another note, I change my mind. I do hate republicans.

So i was thinking....

Do you ever wonder if youre meant to be with someone, like just one person. I guess i do, how do you know though? What if you like hook up with someone and you love them but really its not who you are meant to be with but then you are with them and its like oh shit shit i screwed myself over because there person youre with got hit by a bus.

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Friends suck

friends suck ass. Girls really suck ass, why is it that they have to be so freaking slutty? Its probably because they have a vagina. People suck.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

in response to anyone who already hates me

angel girle said...
wow you are so meen! OMG i red yor blog and i am so sad cuz liek people who are guly and ant hel it atre sad!

wow guess what you fucking loser, learn to spell or type or something. i hate you and hope you die of some illness. Plus angel girle? wow please be more creative, next time you want to insult someone get a 5 year old to do it, it might just be more effective. Guess what? Hate what i have to say? I dont care. Youll be better off if you keepto yourself, that way i dont have to embarrass you

Update... I have no life

ugly people should die. Theres this guy and he looks like a fucking fish, i am serious, people arent supposed to look like that. His parents must have done some wicked ass drugs because this guys eyes are so far apart its scary. I hate ugly people. Then im like at the store and there is this girl like 16 years old and shes like huge! so shes trying on prom dresses, which if i were her i wouldnt even go to prom because i would be embarassed to try fitting through the door. Her dad is all, what size do you need and what she should say is, i need size tub, but no shes gotta be all like yeah size something that isnt size tub. ugly people suck.


Fuck Bush. That being said lets go over why. (If you are a communist you will dissagree with me, but, i dont care because youre wrong.) Whats his problem? okay first he goes and gets elected, and everyone in their right mind is like shit shit were screwed. Ok for starters, hes a communist, i think we all know that. So basicly we left a communist in charge of the thousands of missles we have. Why do we have them anyways? Oh yeah, because we are communist. Then he goes and gets the twin towers bombed, way to go shit head. But then he like gets in a war against Osama to get people to like him (what ever happend to osama anyways?) yeah so now everyone likes him. But then hes there too long and his homoness rubbed off on the peoplein the military who are fucking the iraqis. yeah okay. Once again, way to go shit head. But its okay because he is losing in the polls now. god, communist are retards